Zen Kokyū, or Zen Breathing encourages us to be more mindful of our breathing, and can be used as a tool to improve our health and wellbeing.

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Yuki Shiina

Learn more about Zen Kokyū's founder

Yuki Shiina is an expert of breathing techniques, author, and the founder of Zen Kokyū.

Having suffered from physical and mental disorders for over 15 years, Yuki turned to traditional breathing techniques to alleviate her pain. Specifically, she studied a breathing method created by a well-known monk from the Edo period, Hakuin, and credits him with saving her life. Yuki was later inspired to combine Hakuin’s original writings with her own personal experiences, and created Zen Kokyū.
Beyond Zen Kokyū, Yuki is a keen advocate of healthy living and wellbeing. She currently owns a rice farm in Nagano prefecture, where she cultivates organic rice that is free from fertilisers and pesticides.
Especially in our modern society, Yuki believes in the importance of allowing our bodies to relax, and operate in their most natural state. This philosophy is one that resonates worldwide, as Yuki has given numerous lectures in Paris, Athen, and other European cities.
Through her work, Yuki hopes that she can inspire others to take control of their health, and improve their quality of life.



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