Zen Kokyū, or Zen Breathing encourages us to be more mindful of our breathing, and can be used as a tool to improve our health and wellbeing.

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The Zen Breathing Method

Most people think of breathing as an action our bodies perform automatically. However, many are unaware that there are ideal types of breathing for every situation.

Zen Kokyū, or Zen breathing, encourages us to be more mindful of our breathing, and can be used as a tool to improve our health and wellbeing. It is based on a breathing method written by Zen master Hakuin Ekaku in the 18th century, which is said to improve concentration, blood flow, and relaxation levels in its users.

Modern day mindfulness

Through Zen Kokyū, it becomes easier to connect your body and mind, making you more aware of the inner workings of your body.

People around the world have become fans of the method, as they seek mindfulness within their modern lifestyles.

Yuki Shiina is an expert of zen breathing techniques, author, and the founder of Zen Kokyū.

Inspired by the effect breathing techniques had on her life, Yuki combined Hakuin’s original writings with her own personal experiences to create Zen Breathing. In doing so, she hoped to make the concept more understandable and accessible for people across the world.

Spreading the art of Zen Kokyū, one class at a time

Today, Yuki teaches Zen Kokyū not only from her studio in Tokyo, but also at locations across Japan. Through her work, Yuki hopes that she can inspire others to take their health into their own hands, and transform their quality of life.

It was an eye-opening experience

I loved the experience, it was very eye-opening for me. I never realized how much my posture and breathing could affect my overall well being.

Laura, former student

I have a new awareness of my body

I feel so much more aware of my body, and where and how breathe comes and leaves through my body.

Devyani, former student

A lesson we'll treasure for life

We learned many things that I am certain will help us for better health throughout our lives.

Valerie, former student

Everyday is a new beginning

For me, Zen Breathing started everything. I now start each morning with a fresh outlook, as if everyday is a new beginning.

Kanan Kawaguchi, former student