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Human beings can survive for 20 days without eating. We can live for 5 days without drinking water. How about breathing? Most humans will expire in less than 5 minutes if they don’t breathe. It is important to realize how important breathing is to living.

Zen Breathing is based on a breathing method written by Zen Master Hakuin Ekaku(1686-1769).His method has been practiced for centuries in Japan and passed down among Zen priests, professional athletes, and a wide variety of performing artists, many of whom haven chosen to keep these techniques a secret from others.

Many chose to keep this valuable information a secret as Zen Breathing helps the practitioners with their concentration, blood flow, and dramatically increased relaxation levels, all because of increased levels of serotonin within the brain. It is understandable why they might want to give themselves a secret advantage!

As I’ve gotten to know this breathing method, I have come to realize that my mind and body have transformed into something wonderfully unexpected. Prior to starting Zen breathing, tense neck and shoulders, exhaustion/tension headaches, a perpetual slight fever, poor blood circulation, constipation, depression, harmful stress, anxiety, and fatigue, to name a few, were some of the physical ailments that had caused me more than fifteen(15) years of constant pain.

By learning and practicing this Zen breathing technique, I discovered over a period of just three months that my physical problems had gradually disappeared. I now no longer suffer from these ailments, and I can live with a true smile! “Zen Breathing” brought new meaning to my life. I’m here to help you make a dramatic change by yourself, for the better, of your mind and body.

Based on the original discipline, I established Zen Breathing. While still based on the original concept, I made it more understandable and added more effective ways to reach every single person worldwide, especially those with physical problems like I used to suffer.

If you start practicing this breathing method, you’ll find it is easier to connect your body and mind, making you more aware of the mysteries of your internal body. I have to insist on how important it is to control breathing, while concentrating on your “center pole, central axis and 肚/ hara”. Particular emphasis needs to be placed on observing all of your internal organs, which have been ignored by you, until today, even though they work constantly, non-stop, 24/7.

It is said that breathing is the only way to be able to balance all of one’s autonomous nerve system, which handles digestion and absorption, metabolism, secretion and so forth. We don’t consciously control our heartbeat or digestive system.

We can, however, control our breathing. We can manage inhaling and exhaling, including holding our breath, and all dynamic levels in between. Why not start “Zen Breathing and natural medical butter” now, and get more vitality and a better quality of life?

Yuki Shiina

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